Upwind – East Chicago

What is Upwind – East Chicago?

Upwind – East Chicago is a STEM-focused sailing program track of the Indiana Sailing Association that is dedicated specifically to serving seventh and eighth grade students participating in activities associated with Communities in Schools of East Chicago.

Who is eligible to participate in the Upwind – East Chicago?

The Upwind – East Chicago program track is one part of a larger project known as the Communities in Schools Integrated Student Services Collaboration. To learn more about eligibility, contact Communities in Schools at 219-378-9114.

Who are the partners in the collaboration grant that is making this possible?

Much work has gone into building the collaboration grant program plan along with several partners including Communities in Schools of East Chicago, Indiana Sailing Association, Calumet College of St. Joseph, HealthVisions Midwest, and School City of East Chicago. The collaboration grant is being called the Communities in Schools Integrated Student Services Model and provides a variety of resources to program participants.

Indiana Sailing Association will be leading the STEM and Sailing activities based at the East Chicago Marina, working closely with Communities in Schools of East Chicago.

Communities in Schools of East Chicago will be serve as the connection point for program participants, selecting a special group of students for the STEM and Sailing activities.

The other partners will be providing additional academic enrichment and health services to both students and their families as part of other aspects of the collaboration grant.

All the collaborating partners work together to align resources to engage students with building a blueprint for achievement and success.