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The Indiana Sailing Association is proud to be featured in a variety of publications. Find links below to the complete articles in various publications.

Sailing Magazine

July 2008

sailing-magazine-coverFor fun and credit

For 20 years the Indiana Sailing Association has been training high school students to become sailors, and better citizens.



The Times

July 2009

July2009-2E.C.Central High students learn to sail, courtesy of PUC professor

As he felt the cool breeze along the docks at the East Chicago Marina, Geoff Barrow knew it was going to be an excellent afternoon.

April 2007

Lake Michigan provides tremendous sailing opportunities

Lots of water, plus good wind equals quality sailing.

October 2006

World-class sailing – Three members from the Purdue Calumet Intramural Sailing Program will compete in the International Soling Championship in Annapolis

The sky is the limit and the waters are waiting for three members of the Purdue Calumet Sailing Program.

July 1993

‘Crazy British sailor’ spreads his love of the sea

He’s nowhere near 250 pounds. He doesn’t live in a thatched hut. He doesn’t have a tag-along little buddy named Gilligan. But he’s the closest thing Northwest Indiana has to “The Skipper.”

July 1993

Class offers opportunities to change course

Charlene Mazalan meticulously maneuvered the 32-foot sloop through the gray waters of the Robert A. Pastrick Marina, carefully weaving the sailboat toward Lake Michigan.


April 11, 2008

post-tribune-web-featureCardinal Sailing Club prepares to test Lake Michigan

Members of the Cardinal Sailing Club at East Chicago Central High School are celebrating spring in a special way. The teens are busy after school, learning the fundamentals of boats, sailing and water safety. After they complete these lessons, they will be ready to hit Lake Michigan this summer with their classmates.

November 29, 2001

‘Skipper’ teaches East Chicago crew

In a matter of months, East Chicago Central High students make a transition from scholars to sailors by participating in an Indiana Sailing Association educational program. The ISA is a not-for-profit corporation founded in 1989 by Geoffrey Barrow to introduce and teach youth about sailing fundamentals.

August 23, 2001

Students take to the lake

If you’re afraid of water, or can’t quite handle the four-foot waves, hanging out with the Indiana Sailing Association, is not the place you want to be. The 32-foot sailboat Rhodes was ready to embark on to the open waters of Lake Michigan, with 16-year-old Krystal Wilkins at the helm.

October 15, 1989

Two dozen youths in sailing program

Two dozen young people from East Chicago Central High School have been successfully launched on a pilot program in sailing, sponsored by the Indiana Sailing Association and assisted by East Chicago Mayor Robert Pastrick and high school assistant principal John Flores. The Indiana Sailing Association is developing links with area schools to sponsor sailing scholarships, and has also elicited the interest and…